The tales of a simple girl

My name is Anca and this is “The tales of a simple girl”, the place where I share all my stories. I hope to inspire you to pursue your creativity and live a happy life in a simple way.

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black gingham dress

2021 was the year when I made several clothes for myself but I didn’t have the energy to put them into the wild, to share about them, or even to wear them.2021 was also the…

my tiny house in the autumn of 2022

Same decor, another house! This autumn is about putting the final touches.I am exhausted, mentally and physically but very grateful that we got here. Even though we moved in May, I can only now say…

acelasi decor, alta locuinta

Ne-am mutat! In sfarsit, dupa doi ani de cautari am reusit sa gasim o noua locuinta pentru noi. Am avut parte de atat noroc incat sa fie si perfecta, e destul de greu sa faci…

If you buy what they advertise, they win.
You can make them lose if you do it yourself.

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