Same decor, another house!

This autumn is about putting the final touches.
I am exhausted, mentally and physically but very grateful that we got here.

Even though we moved in May, I can only now say that I managed to find a place for everything.
I don’t know how I made it in Assens, we had a smaller space and we still had enough storage.
When we moved everything, we filled every cupboard and drawer within minutes.

I spend my whole summer planning for new furniture and positioning, maximizing every centimeter without filling our house with visual clutter.
I remember that I did a massive purge in April, I gave away most of my decor items, keeping only the ones I truly loved and cherish. I sent to the recycling station lots of furniture we knew we would not use anymore, textiles and kitchenware. Thank God that we can recycle. We created space for a new beginning, and new items but this time thinking twice before buying.

When I arrived in Denmark eight years ago, we bought the cheapest of everything because we didn’t have anything.
Growing up and learning about how the world works, what sustainability is and how we should approach new purchases, made me slow down.
During these eight years, I learned that waiting and planning carefully is the key to maximizing storage.
Even though my first impulse was to buy new furniture, I waited because most of the stuff had been switched around the house to find the best location.

I am happy that I got here, it was a long journey but now I can slow down, enjoy the autumn, and plan for winter. Seeing my tiny pumpkins around the house made me realize that we finally finish.

Quick house tour

Dining area

Living area



Sewing room


Anca GV

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