2021 was the year when I made several clothes for myself but I didn’t have the energy to put them into the wild, to share about them, or even to wear them.
2021 was also the year when I finally decided to create my own design for my clothing labels. I dreamed about this since I made my first wearable item.

2022 was a year full of sewing but almost nothing for myself. I resized several bed sheets and sewed all the curtains for the living room, tablecloths, tea towels, pillowcases, more curtains, and so on.

2023 is the year when I planned to make items only for myself. I am committed to starting a journey, to create a basic garderobe and explore more.

This year, my goal is to use the fabrics I already have, challenge myself to not buy anything new, and put a little pressure on myself being conditioned by the rarity of some materials. I still don’t have a plan on how I am going to pull this out but I am feeling inspired by my end goal and I am ready.

I know this story has nothing to do with the title of this article but I wanted to make that introduction because this dress I am about talk about is special.

The first label I ever sewed on an item was on this dress and this marked the beginning of a new era.
I bought this fabric from Stof2000, it is a beautiful and soft cotton which has the most trendy print.

I wanted to make another classic dress for winter because I’ve been wearing my Tartan dress everywhere.
The pattern is self-drafted and basically is the most perfect pattern in the world because it fits me like a glove.

I wore this dress for a party at work. The gingham print makes this dress look casual but still put together.
Two things I made different for this dress, one is the cuffs from the sleeves. I wanted a ruffle detail but I am regretting it because I think it is too much. Second is the round collar, the Tartan dress has a small V-shaped neckline and I wanted something different.
Both dresses are identical in length making them perfect to wear with my Dr. Martens boots.

Anca GV

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