I downloaded the Devin pattern out of curiosity.

I was interested to learn how the collar is built and how hard it is to sew it.
To my surprise, it is relatively simple once you carefully cut all the pieces and pay attention to the exact steps.

I wanted a dress because I despise wearing shorts or trousers when I sleep so I decided to extend the blouse by 15 cm. to achieve the desired length.
I used size 12-14.

The fabric I used is an interesting choice because it is a duvet cover. I grabbed it when it was on sale at H&M a while back. I was drawn by the print, the color, and the fact that it is 100% cotton. It is a stiff fabric, perfect for that type of collar, but not stiff enough to be uncomfortable.

I manage to finish the garment in one day and as usual, I procrastinated to sew the buttons.

In this post, I am not going to explain the steps but I am going to direct you to their website where you can find the pattern and the tutorial.

It is good to know that if you want to try it you should be a confident beginner, it is easy if you follow the instructions religiously.

From “The Thread” I used another pattern in the past and that is “Noa” the tartan shirt I made 2 years ago.

The result

For more inspiration, visit @thetalesofasimplegirl.

with love, Anca

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